Helping Kids

Through Music: A Foundation To Build Self Esteem In Kids?

Eventually, I’d like to expand this project and find opportunities to work with young people who because of their circumstance in life, think that they have no chance. My background includes – no college degree, married at the tender ages of 21 and 20 (still married), started at the very bottom as a factory worker, divorced parents and raised two (great) kids when Brenda an I were pretty young. Nevertheless, together we’ve basically created a great life for ourselves and our family from a base that by society’s standards had “NO CHANCE” written all over it. Kids need to hear that “can do” optimistic message and understand that great possibility ALWAYS exist. Folks in more dire situations than mine have overcome more and achieved greater success. Others can too.  I hope my music, message and encouragement is part of what I can give them.

Certainly, if my FloydSongs project is a big success, establishing a “Stand Your Ground Foundation” toward that end would be a real possibility. Read above and don't bet against me. Until then, a portion of what FloydSongs generates will be donated to the Salvation Army to help them to help others.

I’m excited by this “Next Chapter” and anticipate you’ll enjoy listening to this music as much as I enjoyed creating it. Contact me: I’d love to hear your thoughts about my songs and / or how we can help build the correct focus, confidence and self-esteem of our young people. Today, they badly need all the positive reinforcement they can get.

Rightly or Wrongly -- “(their) Perception IS (their) Reality”. - Bill