The William Delray Floyd Interview

Part 1


Q: William, what the hell are you doing recording YOUR FIRST album at 70 years old?

A: Why? Do you think I should have waited ‘till I was 80 and more experienced?

Q: You know what I mean ...

A: I do. Ain’t many of us septuagenarians doing it are there?

It’s just something I always wanted to do going back to when we started our first band in high school. Life got in the way, got married real young and back-burned this particular dream.

Q: I noticed you said back-burnered not abandoned?

A: I spent most of my life in a sales position of one type or another so I learned to focus, to compartmentalize and interpret the word “no” to mean not yet. So yes, I had other priorities but the Dream never died.

Q: How was it rekindled?

A: Wow! There are many parts to this answer. Several years back I was barely playing my guitar. I visited my cousins Grace and Don Goldsby in Oklahoma. Don had a great music room set up with all kind of instruments. We played all afternoon and I got the bug again. I went home and got serious.

Q: Serious?

A: Yeah. Bought some really cool guitars and played them every day. Dusted off my harps and started writing songs again.

Q: Again?

A: Even in High School I felt we needed original material if we were to make it big. I also enjoyed the creative process. On this album you’ll find an updated version of the song “I Don’t Care”. I wrote that song 50 years ago. I have to add that back then I envisioned it with the flute part you now hear but we didn’t have a player. I'm happy to tell you that the about 8 million dollars in flute lessons we invested in my daughter Andrea has paid off and she’s on this album.

(More coming)