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The new album "Petty Theft" and the new video "Ride Along With Me" is out!!


Petty Theft is an Album of a few songs that are directly about Tom Petty and lots of songs that are inspired by him. There are no covers. Nobody plays Tom Petty better than TomPetty.

His simple, clean rock ‘n roll brought generations together in arenas across the world. He was one of my favorites so I had no choice but to do this. The Traveling Wilburys is about music and friendship (Tom, Bob, Geoff, Roy, George) and Tchaikovsky Played the Blues is included for his (ELO) friend Geoff. Petty Theft (the song) talks about where my / our inspiration comes from generation to generation. 

Finally, I am proud to feature my daughters Kerry Ni on Violin on Kickin’ Back In California and on Tchaikovsky Played The Blues and Andrea Cross who provided duet vocals onBaggage That I’m Draggin’ which is a play on Tom and Stevie Nicks doing Stop Draggin My Heart Around. You’ll also hear my grandson Ryan Ni count us in on the Tchaikovsky number. Fun project !! Hope you like it.

Please enjoy and tell all your friends.



The new album "Alligator Creek" is out!


Alligator Creek is a continuation of some great Blues / Rock from William Delray Floyd. The music is driving with interesting twists. But equally important are the lyrics. Listen to the Randy Newman-like spoof - "I'm Drunk. The party atmosphere at "Alligator Creek", the adventuresome spirit of "Ride Along With Me" or the unique and bold healing implication message of "You're Never Looking Forward (If you're Always Looking Back).

Another of the Album's favorites is "The Philadelphia Midnight Train". You will feel the train leave the station and a nightmare past behind. Every song is strong and told from the soul and sense of purpose and humor of William Delray Floyd. Enjoy!



 William's newest album The Blues From Sonny's Place has been released. Check out the official music video for the single, "She's Hot A Lot" any enjoy!


The new album "The Blues From Sonny's Place" is here!


The Bues From Sonny’s Place takes you from the end of shift at a local factory to the crew's favorite weekend watering hole.

The first song Sonny’s Place sets the pace with some great slide guitar and wailing harp. She’s Hot A Lot adds a tinge of David Bowie and Lou Reed.

I Didn’t Know Jack and the more traditional Run Away rocks the night away.

Finally, the set ends with the featured cut - Friends, which William wrote for YOU the people in his life who means the most to him.

This blues-only offering is completely different from the Stand Your Ground collection released earlier and shows off another dimension of William’s writing style.

Enjoy this and pass the link to YOUR friends - especially the song Friends. You’ll love it and they will too.


The "Stand Your Ground" Album (LP) is here!


 William's Stand Your Ground CD has been released. It’s an exceptional first Album that "shows great versatility". The title track is William's salute to Tom Petty (a personal favorite). As you listen to the ten cuts you will hear tinges of Creedence to Country, Blues to Rap and even a touch of Latin with "Love of My Life" which he wrote for his wife Brenda. Two tracks, "Someone Else's Dreams" and "I Don't Care" invite a nice touch (extra vocals and flute) by his daughter Andrea Cross. "His diversity shows off his talent". Dig in. Enjoy the creativity, lyrics, unexpected licks and musical layering. Then, once you've had this unique experience, make sure you pass it on. Your friends will thank you.